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I'm spending most of 2004 in Itajubá, MG, Brasil. The homepage mindx.dyndns.org has been discontinued. The relevant pages have moved elsewhere or (temporarily only) to oldmindx.dyndns.org. My new private homepage with lots of information is josefspillner.de.

Former but still important issues
News via finger! (old, static page from finger://mindx.dyndns.org)
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LitDD 2003

You've landed on résistance, my good old server which is filled up with interesting contents created by me (often together with other friendly developers). Check out the project list on the right side to inform yourself about what is available here, including some piece of information about my humble self.

Cross-section or uncategorized pages:
List of public services
Fun pages (humour required)
MoreBalance (a load balancing system)
The GNOME experiment: 3D Tetris

As you might have noticed, I'm a geek and consider myself to be a hacker. So I do spend lots of time in front of the computer (even more so since both my studies and my job are in the CS/CE domain). Yet I still manage to not become a dork... or at least try to :)

Random external stuff:
My Advogato diary
Spaceship projects (get laid, err, paid for Open Source ;)
Nice anti war page

Feel free to drop me a mail if there's a broken link, or my software sucks, or you've got plans on how to achieve world domination.

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