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Get my public key (GnuPG 1.2, DSA) from here.
Key-ID: 0x98016DC7
Fingerprint: 1DB7 412C FFC3 B782 BCB1 92F2 CE8A 79D7 9801 6DC7

You can also look it up on dtype or on mit or on another public keyserver, together with all current signatures.

This key has no legal relevance, it is merely thought to improve the web of trust of free software developers, technocrats, cryptomaniacs and other people interested in security and privacy.

The web of trust is formed of thousands of people using OpenPGP software and methodologies. See here for the current top 50 or top 1000 users (I'm around the position 45, duh).

web of trust

Learn more about the web of trust. The script to generate this graph is here (slightly modified by me), note that it needs about 13 hours on my PC to generate such a graph for me :)

The most common way of getting and granting signatures is to participate in keysigning parties. There are now some statistical analyses available.

And keysigning should be taken serious - it can help the web of trust grow and prosper, really. The same applies for subgroups of course.

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Created: 21.04.2003
Last change: 29.07.2003