SLOC Compare

As of 2011-03-29, a Belorussian translation of this page is available!
You've probably heard of sloccount, which was, among other uses, the tool to determine the size of a complete GNU/Linux distribution.

Now that you've generated tons of SLOC counts, what to do with them? One way is to visualize the output. I wrote a python script (needs pygame for SDL graphics) which does exactly that.

Click on the thumbnail to see how KDE has grown over the years. This was produced using several local CVS checkouts, one for each KDE release (don't do that at home unless you donate to the KDE e.V. for the bandwidth, hehe), and then calling:

sloccount . > stats.version # for each directory
sloccompare stats.*

After this, I still needed the gimp to add the version descriptions and get the screenshot.
NEW: Watch the CVS growth animation! (Need MNG support in the browser)

Download sloccompare here.
Checkout the raw KDE material here.

Josef Spillner, 01.06.2003, updated 12.09.2003