So we were sitting here, 2 KDE developers, we had the goal to prepare a KDE presentation but it turned out to be much more in-depth than we thought it would. Not only did we dig in 1996's KDE mailing lists, but we were also confrontated with a couple of bugs and annoyances, and a few of them could be fixed. Oh and we hacked a bit on our own :)
Damn, I wanted to finish kard and kamikaze today but what gives, we're free software developers and don't need to put ourselves under pressure if there's some more funny stuff left to do.
OK, let's assume you're still reading here, you might be interested in a kate script that runs GNU indent on your source, or on a konqueror plugin which runs kwebdesktop on your currently loaded HTML page, and thus loads this page onto your desktop as background.
Ugh. The presentation material and the pics will follow.