Speck Hack 2002 Weblog

Tue Mar 19 - 21:03:52
OK, it\'s really getting comfortable now.
Half an hour has passed, and I\'ve got an overview about
what I will be able to do.
Let\'s start with the kde-client thingie... this is where
most of the work must still be done.
Fortunately I updated my CVS to the very latest just before
calling adsl-stop...

Tue Mar 19 - 22:12:56
You can\'t imagine how many formatting errors you can find
via vim when using:
set list
set listchars=tab:∑\\ ,trail:∑
Thanks Neil :-)
Also I\'m starting to get rid of kggz\'s debugging messages

Wed Mar 20 - 00:42:09
Wow, kggz is done :)
I was able to fix this nasty bug, and did some
under-the-hood source improvements as well.
Needs some UI polishing and more translations though...

Wed Mar 20 - 03:19:12
I\'m now tuning the ShadowBridge tool a bit.
It will now become a comfortable GUI which does basically
the same as ggzwrap.
Oh and I start to become tired :)

Wed Mar 20 - 05:05:26
Uh, I tried some experimental KDE3 stuff, better don\'t do that
at home - it will waste your Speck Hack time :)
I will better concentrate on what has necessarily to be done
until Friday so we can carefully test it out.
On the music side of things, there is also news:
I switched from the radio (which is always crappy 24/7) to
my good old tapes, currently Sven Všth and Marcos Lopez.
Now, back to coding.

Wed Mar 20 - 06:22:11
Daylight - not good for vampires nor geeks.

Wed Mar 20 - 08:19:06
So, music has switched to drum\'n\'bass, and the kde-client
module should be more or less ready.
I think the Muehle game didn\'t work yet, this will be my
next POI (point of interest).
Yeah and breakfast is for wimps.

Wed Mar 20 - 13:33:36
Hm, Pizza pour le manger....
Muehle does now work well enough to do the first real-game
tests with it, an it even has got an external AI now. This
will go into 0.0.6 though.

The funny thing is, I\'m not really tired or anything.

Wed Mar 20 - 15:36:56
Some more work on rggzd, it does now send out PINGs but
doesn\'t read the PONGs yet.
This will hopefully be usable for 0.0.6, so we can create
a ruby CVS module.

Wed Mar 20 - 17:52:51
Did some docs and i18n work.
What\'s next?
I think GGZap deserves the new GUI I tailored some months
I also want a consistent layout of our CVS modules.
This includes man/ and po/ in each and every of them (uh,
not in docs of course).

Dunno why but I\'m a bit bored now.
I guess there are still 50+ hidden bugs and misfunctionalities,
but will we ever find out?
What is still important is the security-harden stuff for ggzd
which is also quite old and has never been applied.

Wed Mar 20 - 20:24:02
Now the day is over, Speck Hack has lasted 23.5 hours so far,
but there are still some minor things to do.
Out of a sudden, I copied the GGZap-NG UI over to GGZap, and
now it\'s using it, and it looks pretty cool (even more so
if all the game icons can be loaded).
For 0.0.6 it would be cool to have a central icon location
for all GGZ related things.
Alors, on y va...

Wed Mar 20 - 22:14:48
Uhm ok, 25 hours ought to be enough for everyone would Bill
Gates say.

- very productive Speck Hack, even though there was no Speck
anywhere around
- for every fixed bug you introduce two new ones...
ok, just kidding...

From tomorrow on I\'ll be online again, but this includes
to commit all the changes and to wipe out remaining issues.
And hell, if I come to think about it, 25 hours is not too
much, and I\'m still not tired :-)