Analysis of Slashdot: Being 'slashtouched'
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Some days ago, while doing my daily slashdot visit, I read about a user question which dealt with slashdot readership deviation:
How many slash from windows? How many Konquerors or Mozillas are around?

Well, at the same time there was a nice article [1] about the BBC which does now support Ogg Vorbis streaming in a test run. I had to comment on that (dunno why...), and as a chance to find out more about slashdot readers I put a link [2] in my reply, which pointed at my DSL-powered self-hosted freshly created homepage, driven by a debian/sid installation.

I didn't have to wait for long. The article was still the top one on the front page when I submitted my reply, and about 15 other replies were already present. Within an hour, about a dozen times I had foreign visitors wandering through my port 80 gate. This is why I call it 'slashtouched': It's not as hard as being 'slashdotted', but certainly gives you more hits on your target than random Code Red hits. Yes, this beast is still around.
About 18 hours later, more than 80 hits were counted in total, which is still a very high number, given that the article was now somewhere at the bottom of slashdot's entry page.

Shortly before I started writing this page, I gathered information about the browsers in use from my access.log, redirected it into a new log file and ran webalizer over it. The result is quite cool:
  • 1. Mozilla (41.18%)
  • 2. MSIE (23.53%)
  • 3. Konqueror (14.12%)
  • 4. Opera, Netscape (both 7.06%)
The complete visualized log can be found in [3]. An interesting fact is that besides the primary peak, there is a rather uniform distribution of hits over the hours.

1) Article
2) My comment
3) Detailed visualized log

This article has been written by Josef Spillner on 2001-12-26. Feel free to send me comments: